Quarter Two Wrap Up

Time for another quick quarterly wrap-up. It’s been so cold in Victoria (Australia) the last couple of months. I hope you’re staying warm/cold/[insert as relevant] wherever you are.

Recently I had the privilege of attending the Aurealis Awards in person as a finalist. I had a great time meeting people and feeling a part of the Australian spec fic community, and also attempting a vlog for the first time!

I also finished my first commissioned short story. It’s a sci-fantasy piece, I’m really happy with how it turned out, and it was a real treat not to have to sub it around once I was done! It’s still to be confirmed exactly which publication this is going to be published in, as the organisation who commissioned it is deciding between a couple of different options – I’ll let everyone know once things have solidified.

Finally, I sold a story called “The White Factory” to The Quarter(ly)! This one has taken quite a while to find a home, so I’m particularly pleased about the sale.

Sending good wishes to everyone. I’m looking forward to winter being over soon!


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