Quarter One Wrap Up

This is a quick first quarter wrap-up.

The first few months of this year have been largely focussed on moving into our new home and selling our old one. That’s all taken care of now, I love our new house, and I’m looking forward to getting back into writing!

In this first quarter I sold a reprint to “Midnight in the Dying Garden“, which looks like it will be a beautiful book. The publishers sent me this lovely promo image:

“Sicky Sweet” will be appearing in the anthology Midnight in the Dying Garden.

I posted two YouTube videos:

And (this happened in early April so I am bending the ‘first quarter’ timeframe a little) my story “Traces of Us, Hot Enough for Dinner” is an Aurealis Awards finalist in the horror short story category. I’ll be flying up to Canberra in about 6 weeks for the awards ceremony. I’ve been a finalist for the Aurealis Awards before, but have only been able to attend virtually (it was a pandemic lockdown year), so I’m especially excited about being there and meeting people in person. If you’ll be attending these awards too, please let me know so that we can say hello to each other!


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