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Ephiny Gale was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is still there, alongside her lovely wife and a small legion of bookcases. She is the author of more than two dozen published short stories and novelettes, which have appeared in publications including Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Constellary Tales, and Daily Science Fiction. Her stories have been finalists for multiple Aurealis Awards, have been awarded the Syntax & Salt’s Editor’s Award, and won Sundress Publications’ 2018 Best of the Net. Much of her short fiction has been recently collected in Next Curious Thing.

She has also written several produced stage plays and musicals, including the sold-out How to Direct from Inside at La Mama and Shining Armour at The 1812 Theatre. Her script Time Scraps was a finalist in St Martin’s National Playwriting Competition, and Hearts up Sleeves won the Five Minute Play award at Dante’s.

When not writing, Ephiny works as a Project Manager for an digital agency. Her previous roles have included coordinating a major arts festival, working as the Association Secretary for the Green Room Awards (Melbourne’s premier performing arts awards), nine months as a professional wedding DJ, and working as an executive of a university student association.

Ephiny has a Masters in Arts Management, a red belt in taekwondo, and a passion for psychology, fairy tales, and storytelling in all its forms. She also especially enjoys raspberries, Italian greyhounds, playing board games with friends, and wearing clothes made out of unnatural fabrics.

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