Short Fiction

Published Stories

The Candle Queen” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 2020)

CurioQueens” (Constellary Tales Issue No. 4, 2019)

“The Orchard” (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #76, 2019)

Cover image of Kaleidotrope, Winter 2019

When the Ice Comes In” (Kaleidotrope, 2019)

The following stories were first published in my collection Next Curious Thing (2018):

  • “Emelia and the Undrowned”
  • “Honey in the Blood”
  • “Everybody Knows”
  • “And the Queen was Vein”
  • “All the First Born Children”
  • “The Secret Death of Lane Islington”

“Easy Like Arsenic”

Cover of Wild Musette Journal: Vegetable Pulp

“Cavorts With Foxes”

Cover image of The Future Fire, Issue 2018.46

Five Tales of The Rose Palace

Cover image of HashtagQueer Vol. 2

“As Long as We Both Shall Live and After, Too”

Cover image for the December 21, 2017 issue of Syntax & Salt

In The Beginning, All Our Hands Are Cold

Cover image of Shoreline of Infinity 10

“Little Freedoms”

Strange Dancemates
– Originally published in GigaNotoSaurus (2016)
– Reprinted in Next Curious Thing (2018)

Morning Sickness
– Originally published in Slink Chunk Press (2016)
– Reprinted in Next Curious Thing (2018)

Cover image of Strange Little Girls

“From Strangers”

Cover image of The Misfit Anthology

“One More Time”

Cover image of Aurealis #78


Cover image of Black Apples

“Sickly Sweet”

Cover image of Postscripts to Darkness Volume 4


The Light Princess

– Originally published in Punchnel’s (2013)
– Reprinted in Next Curious Thing (2018)

– Originally published in Daily Science Fiction (2013)
– Reprinted in Next Curious Thing (2018)

“Not That Kind of Witch” (Fried Fiction, 2012)

“The Red Thread” (Silver Blade, 2012)

“Sleepwalking” (Silver & Green, 2005)

Shortlisted & Award-Winning Short Fiction