Quarter 3 Wrap Up

It’s been a busy few months for me. I’m now a Senior Project Manager and my wife, Tara Calaby, has an official title for her historical novel coming out with Text Publishing in June next year: “House of Longing”. I am so proud of her!

I’ve had several acceptances and publications:

The Art of Being Human anthology from Fablecroft Publishing
  • My near-future sci-fi piece “Neuro” arrived in the mail inside a beautiful hardback of The Art of Being Human from Fablecroft Publishing. You can read an excerpt of this story (plus a bit about what inspired it) on a previous blog post if you’re interested.
  • I sold a third story to The Dread Machine, which has quickly become one of my favourite publications. “Rewind” is already live and is a second-person ghost story.
  • “The White Factory”, about a group of women all named Nicole competing to collect rings inside a former factory, was published in Vol. III of The Quarter(ly).
  • I also sold my queer creature-collection/monster-tamer story (think Pokemon, Digimon etc.) “Faewild” to Wyldblood Magazine. It goes live shortly in Issue #10 which is currently available for pre-order.
  • Finally, a couple of my reprints also came out recently: “Little Freedoms” at PseudoPod and “In the Beginning, All Our Hands are Cold” at Etherea Magazine #13.

I haven’t managed to get any new YouTube videos out lately, but I have filmed 3 videos that I now need to edit and publish, so hopefully that will change in the near future.

Take care, everyone, and happy spooky season!


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