January Wrap Up

I thought I’d post a quick wrap-up for January.

I was very pleased to sell two stories this month, both to The Dread Machine. They’re both pretty dark, and varying shades of bleak, so it’s fantastic to find a publication that appreciates that. I know a lot of markets are steering away from dark/bleak at the moment due to the general state of the world.

Both of these stories were actually sparked from literal nightmares I’ve had, which is a first for me!

I’m not sure exactly when these stories will be published yet, but I’ll definitely update this website when they go live. You can look out for stories called:
– “Traces of Us, Hot Enough for Dinner”
– “The Watchhouse”

I also posted two YouTube videos in January:
10 places I get my story ideas from & how I choose which ones to write
Working with short fiction editors (rewrites and requested edits)

I’m trying to move away from scripting my videos word-by-word to make them more sustainable for me (it’s much quicker to film them if I’m not trying to make every word perfect) but this means that the transcripts are a lot less blog-friendly. All of my videos are still captioned/subtitled, though, if you’d prefer to read them rather than (just) watching.

Thanks for reading. It’s been a good writing/publishing month!


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