Published Plays and Librettos the_playbook_cover
The Playbook: Six Plays and One Libretto (Foxgrove Press, 2016)

Produced Plays and Musicals
Match Girls (The Container Festival, 2014)

Starlight (The Rock Opera Company, 2013)

Shining Armour (TrailerParkProductions, 2013)

How to Direct From Inside (La Mama, 2009)

Harri Potter and the Monash Passport (MUST, 2009)

Five Wings (MQD, 2008)

On How to Direct From Inside

“envelope-pushing” – The Age
“…a challenging script.” – ArtsHub
“I was enchanted…” – Theatre Thoughts

Performed Play Readings
Agent Sauruman and the Excessive Cut-To (2010)

Tether (2009)

Hearts Up Sleeves (2008)

Shortlisted and Award-Winning Plays
Time Scraps (Shortlisted: St Martins National Playwriting Competition, 2010)

Hearts Up Sleeves (Winner: Dante’s 5 Minute Play Competition, 2008)

On Time Scraps

“…the dialogue was genuinely interesting, vibrant, alive and original … genuine writing talent…” – St Martins

Published Short Stories
When The Ice Comes In (Kaleideotrope, Forthcoming)

SLGEasy Like Arsenic (Dimension 6, Forthcoming)

In The Beginning, All Our Hands Are Cold (Syntax & Salt, 2017)

Little Freedoms (Shoreline of Infinity, 2017)

Strange Dancemates (GigaNotoSaurus, 2016)

Morning Sickness (Slink Chunk Press, 2016)

Black Apples

From Strangers (Strange Little Girls, 2016)

One More Time (The Misfit Anthology, 2015)

Wrecked (Aurealis, 2014)

Sickly Sweet (Black Apples, 2014)

Candy (Postscripts to Darkness Volume 4, 2013)

Aurealis 70 Cover

The Light Princess (The Future Fire, 2013)

Magnets (Punchnel’s, 2013)

Experience (Daily Science Fiction, 2013)

Not That Kind of Witch (Fried Fiction, 2012)

The Red Thread (Silver Blade, 2012)

Sleepwalking (Silver & Green, 2005)

Shortlisted and Award-Winning Short Stories
In The Beginning, All Our Hands Are Cold (Winner: Editor’s Choice, Syntax & Salt December issue, 2017)

Wrecked (Tangent Online Recommended Reading List, 2014)

Sleepwalking (Winner: Silver & Green Senior Prose Competition, 2005)

Through the Woods (Finalist: Nestle Write Around Australia, 1998)

Published Poetry
Genes (Leader Newspapers, 2000)

Other Publications
Regular Dating Columnist (LDR, 2007)

Music Reviewer (Lot’s Wife, 2007)