Ephiny Gale

2020 Story Eligibility & Recommendations


It’s that time of year again! In 2020, my eligibility and recommendations lists come in both video and text format, and both can be found below.

To briefly discuss my own eligibility, I had three new stories published in 2020:

If you’re new to my work, I’d suggest checking out ‘All the Times I’m Ten’ first, as I think it’s the most accessible and friendly to new readers. Alternatively, ‘Light and Sleek and Strong’ is definitely one of my weirder and more surreal pieces.

And now, onto the recommendations! To qualify for this list, a story had to be:

With all of that said, here are 10 of my favourite stories from 2020:

Hearts in the Hard Ground by G. V. Anderson at Tor.com

The Maid from the Ash: A Life in Pictures by Gwendolyn Kiste in Weird Whispers

Plucked by Tara Calaby in Corvid Queen

Resilience by Christi Nogle in Pseudopod

A Good Mother by E.I. Richardson in Syntax & Salt

Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise by Lauren Ring in Apparition Lit

Getaway by Nicole Kornher-Stace in Uncanny Magazine

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like by Rhonda Eikamp in Apparition Lit

The Genetic Alchemist’s Daughter by Elaine Cuyegkeng in Pseudopod

Winter’s Heart by Vanessa Fogg in Hexagon Magazine

This ended up being a pretty dark recommendations list – certainly darker than last year’s. I’m sure my own moods and tastes have influenced that, but I also think a larger portion of the stories published and shared in 2020 were darker than in 2019, which does make sense given the general state of the world.

There are also several stories on this list about mothers and daughters, and the way we treat our children more generally. There’s a lot to explore in the parent-child relationship, but last year’s list had maybe three stories that would fit into this category, as opposed to this year’s six or seven, and I wasn’t expecting that to double.

It’s interesting to see what’s being written and published as part of the general zeitgeist, and I’ll be keen to see the themes and patterns of next year’s list.